mantona Scout MAX statief incl. videokop Pan 360 (Froombosch) ☆☆☆☆

mantona Scout MAX statief incl. videokop Pan 360 in Froombosch


mantona Scout tripod max + tillhead pan 360 * Basic set for photo and video shootings * With sturdy Scout MAX tripod with leg angle adjustment and rotatable centre column * Including ball head quick release coupling plate and tripod bag. * With video panhead Pan 360 with panorama scale and bubble level * Suitable for newcomers and advanced users For photo and video: Besides the very popular mantona Scout MAX tripod this convenient set this convenient set also contains the video panhead Pan 360 with panorama scale which gives you the opportunity t use this basic equipment for photo shooting and filming. The scope of delivery of the tripod which can be extended to a height of 157cm already contains a ball head and a quick release coupling plate making it highly flexible in use. Due to the simplicity in handling this set is also most suitable for newcomers. mantona video pan head Pan 360 The mantona video pan head Pan 360 is ideal for filming with light DSLRs DSLMs and camcorders. As it is also suitable for photographing with DSLRs equipped with 300 mm telescopic lenses it is the ideal companion in many situations! The camera is simply mounted to the camera mount by using a ¼ inch thread. The camera mount is fitted with a locking pin which prevents accidental loosening of the camera. The 25 cm panning arm is located on the right hand side and enables fine and highly accurate camera control. Soft and jerk-free pans and movements are thus child’s play. The panorama scale which assists you in the orientation of panning movements is particularly convenient. For exact alignment the mantona video pan head is equipped with an addition bubble level under the quick-release plate. Connection to a tripod via a 3/8 inch thread. With only 700g and a height of 9 cm the aluminium video pan head Pan 360 from mantona is compact and light and is thus particularly comfortable in use. mantona tripod Scout MAX with ball head The twofold extendible tripod mantona Scout MAX which is made from anodized aluminum is a versatile solution not just for beginners. It is easy to use has convenient functions and is at the same time sturdy and compact. Like all products by mantona it convinces with a great price/performance ratio. The tripod legs can be extended steplessly particularly quickly due to the sturdy clips. The fasteners can be adjusted to run more smooth or tight with the included Allen key according to your individual requirements. The uncomplicated leg angle adjustment ensures additional stability. That way the tripod is ready for macro shots within moments. The rubberized tripod feet ensure a secure stand on various surfaces. For ground-level working the mantona Scout MAX offers a particularly convenient option besides adjusting the leg angles: The center column can be completely removed and be remounted on the tripod with the ball head facing down. The photographer’s creativity is not limited with this high-quality tripod. The tripod is delivered including ball head and quick-release system. The camera plate is normed and can be used with all common tripods. The ball head allows quick reacting to changing light conditions. It can be turned in all directions without problems. The quick-release plate is rubberized and therefore stays attached to the camera reliably. An additional safeguard prevents the plate from loosening from the camera. With this set beginners and advanced users who value quality are perfectly equipped. Included in delivery: * 1x mantona video panhead Pan 360 1x mantona Scout MAX tripod with ball head 157 cm (EAN code: 4250234503891 ) (ID: 9200000031648589 mantona) Ga je zo meteen eveneens terug parfum bestellen in Froombosch ? mantona Scout MAX statief incl. videokop Pan 360 in Froombosch

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